Thursday, July 19, 2012

Leave the ego at the door....course correction

Yo Yo Yo.  So, I did the Racine 70.3 this weekend.  I won't bore you with the details.  It was SUPER hot out.  I didn't do as well as I hoped and I had very high expectations coming in to the race. 

I think it is human nature to expect big things, or at least things you were able to do in the past.  There are millions of reasons why people miss expectations; age, stress, work/life balance, other obligations, etc...

In the case of Triathlon, and specifically my case, my expectation is to get on the Podium every time I toe the line.  That might sound a little arrogant, but I feel like I've earned that expectation.  Now, that being said...I MUST bring my "A Game" or I will get my azz handed to me!  There are way too many great athletes in the area and all of them are gunning for the same thing I am. 

So when I miss that expectation, like I did on Sunday, it effects me.  Specifically, I'm disappointed in the level of biking I can produce right now.  My swimming is at an all time level for me.  Running, very solid from the gigantic base I had from the marathon earlier this year.  I might be missing a little boost in the run, but all in all, I can't complain.  But then there is the bike.

I've changed a bunch this year on the bike.  Brand new fit.  I'm using a power meter now (used Heart Rate for 5 years to gage effort).  And, I'm a month behind where I have been typically at.  My big race isn't until October, it's usually in September.   I rode Sunday 3 minutes slower than 2 years ago.  That hurt the ego a bit.  I rode the last hour 25 watts lower than the first hour....that NEVER happens to me...I'm usually super solid and even. 

I did a time trial on the bike a few weeks ago...20 watts lower than a few months back.  What the hell?  I should be getting faster not slower!  It is super frustrating.

At first, I blamed it on the marathon.  Then, I blamed it on the weather.  Then, I blamed it on my new bike fit.  After that, I blamed it on the power meter.  Then I blamed it on Kona being in October so I'm behind.  It's not like I haven't been biking...

So I took a step back...talked with my coach Jen...and did some soul searching on what I need to do to get ready for October.  First thing, Jen and I will be focusing a little more on the biking.  I need to leave my ego at the door, and start riding at the lower wattage now.  Go slow to go fast...eventually.  This will help get my bike power back and boost my confidence.

Secondly, I've been slacking a bit in the weight room as of late.  Lot's of races, using "recovery" as an excuse...etc.  I won't over due it, but strength training is a big part of my background and my body responds to it very well.

Last, my diet.  And you know what...I have a feeling that this is the REAL reason my watts are down.  I have a tendency to eat the SAME amount of food year round.  It is a bad habit.  I put 12 pounds on in the off season (mmmm beer).  Now, I'm almost at race weight, but it is only July.  So guess what...I'm not eating enough for the training schedule I'm on. 

So starting yesterday, I'm back on (the very best website to track calories in my opinion) tracking my calories and aiming to be no less than 200 calories under my burn for the day.  This takes diligence, but as I type...I haven't ate dinner yet and I need to eat 1,000 more calories tonight before bed to hit my goal.  Typically, my dinners are somewhat small because I eat big lunches.  So...before tracking, I would be 600 calories short at the end of the day with a 400 calorie dinner...which is actually 800 calories low because of the 200 calorie buffer.  Stack that day after day, week after week....and wallah!  You got no POWER my friends. 

So I won't sulk because, for me, I had a bad race on Sunday.  I'll course correct.  I'll check my ego at the door when I head out for ride.  A little more focus on the bike, a little more strength training, and a lot more attention to detail in my diet WILL get me results.  I look forward to seeing how my bike improves for the REV3 in the Dells a month from now.

So if your stuck in a rut, half way through your season, take a step back.  Course correct....and see what the possibilities are!  I'll let y'all know if this works....

AND.....a special shout out to Lisa and Selina who are running Ironman Lake Placid this weekend.  One of my all time favorite races!  BEST OF LUCK!  Remember, River Road SUCKS on the 2nd stay mentally strong out there!

Dedication, Passion, long as I eat enough :)

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  1. The best thing about you Dave is that disappointments have always made you work harder. I am impressed how you seem to bounce back even harder from bad results. While not what you wanted it sure is effective in getting you moving. Must be that super competitive nature you have!