Sunday, February 3, 2013

Random Thoughts....

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  I'm surprised I remembered my password to log in here :)  Time to catch up with a bunch of random thoughts and topics.  I hope your winter is going well and you are getting excited about the upcoming race season!

2013 Schedule:  This year, I'm planning to run more short course.  I'm going to focus on speed and backing down the total hours spent an attempt to raise my speed for the next go around for Ironman (Possibly 2014).  I feel good about getting after it this year and look forward to a slightly different focus and challenge.  Below is what I'm thinking about doing for the year:

Cary Half Marathon
Leon's Olympic Tri
Pleasant Prairie Olympic Tri
Racine Half Ironman
Wauconda Olympic Tri
USA Olympic Nationals
Chicago Marathon

Looking forward to hammering it!

Lance:  It's no secret that Lance Armstrong was a huge hero of mine.  This topic has been talked about so much, it is nauseating.  So here is my take; Lance watched too much Batman growing up.  He is the biggest Two Face that ever lived.  No athlete or celebrity has done more, in my opinion, good with their status than Lance.  For that, I'm hopeful that he continues that part of his legacy and turns this into a positive.  I don't condone PED's, but I can see why he took them.  I don't condone lying, but I can see why he needed to cover it up.  What I can't understand, is why he would ruthlessly attack people for trying to tell the truth.  Lie as much as you want, but there was no need to bring innocent people down.  For that, Lance, you are a true asshole.  I'm hopeful he will fight for something positive, but once an asshole...quite possibly....always an asshole.  But damn can that guy ride a bike.

Super Bowl: My beloved Bears are not it.  Therefore, go Niners.  At least a former Bear quarterback is leading the troops.  And...I really like this new style offense that the Niners are running.  Not sure it is sustainable, the pounding that the QB's will take is no joke.  But for now, it is fun to watch.

Parenthood:  I can't believe I'm going to be a father in less than 2 months.  My blog will probably turn into incoherent ramblings of poop and diapers.  And I can't wait for that!  I am super excited and a little nervous as well.  There are so many unknowns coming...but the journey will be awesome!

Thanks for reading....I'm happy to be back writing and I look forward to chatting soon!

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  1. Great post Dave. Looking forward to a new season, and the thoughts of a new Daddy!