Friday, October 12, 2012

Kona Day #5....IronEve

Tomorrow is the culmination of many years of hard work.  This marks Ironman number 5 for me and I could not be happier that this race isn't my 1st one!  This week has been a total washing machine of emotions for me.  Excitement, awe, happiness, respect, fun, relaxing, stressful, nervous, scared are just some of the emotions I have felt this week. 

It has been a blessing to have family and friends around all week.  I'm coming into this race in the best shape of my life...and they have been able to help me "keep it real."  I finally got mentally ready today.  I had about 2 hours to myself...Ipod get my gear ready for tomorrow.  This is old hat was almost like a switch flipped as I layed out my clothes for tomorrow and got my race gear ready.  I may be in a World Championship....but I have been "here" before. 

I struggled at times throughout the year of what my "goal" should be here.  Realistically, I don't have a shot in hell of making the podium in my age group.  So that goal is "out."  But that is ok....just getting here is an honor.

So my goal for tomorrow, respect the World Championship.

I'm going to race my azz off.  I'm going to leave it all out in the Lava fields.  I will have ZERO regrets when I cross the line.  AND.....I will enjoy the hell out of this!  Racing hard and having fun are NOT mutually exclusive.  I'm obviously a little "off" in the head because I like to suffer for hours and hours and hours doing this sport.  So, when I'm suffering....I'll embrace it!  I don't want an "easy" day in Kona.  I want a challenge.  And I want to leave it all out there.

So when/if you track me tomorrow...know that I'm thinking of you.  I will make you proud and I will push myself as hard as I can.  Thank you for your support...I probably won't write tomorrow, :)  so I look forward to posting my thoughts on the race on Sunday. 

From the bottom of my heart...Malaho.

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