Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kona....Day #2

Well, another day in the books!  It is hard to describe this experience fully.  It is something that I have thought about EVERY day for the last 6 years....and my expectations are blown away.  The energy...the course...the history, such a great experience.

I had official Hawaiian Luau food last night...it was good!  Except the Poi, not for me.  I ate it straight up until the lady on the Ucayali told me is was a dip.  yeah, still not very good.  But it was a must eat while I was here. 

If you are keeping score at home....here is the list of Pro's/Notable people we saw today:  Craig Alexander running, Leanda Cave running (being paced by a SCOOTER), Chris Lieto, Julie Dibbens, Mike Riley, and Sister Madonna all at the swim this morning!

The swim today was amazing.  The Ocean was little angrier than yesterday!  But it was still manageable.  Just had a quick 35min swim to do.  So Dan and I swam out to the swim up coffee bar...yes, swim up coffee bar!  Got my cup of Joe floating in the ocean...WITH cream and sugar!  Dan and I swam a little farther out after that....then came back for a 2nd cup!  Sorry Jen! :)  What an amazing experience floating around drinking Kona coffee in the Ocean.  It was great.  Although...I must admit....Coffee will NOT be my drink of choice on the pool deck during a workout any time soon!

After the swim, we came back to have breakfast with the girls at the house.  Carrie and Ana made us eggs and pancakes.  It was the perfect pre ride meal for our trek up to Hawi!

After breakfast...Dan and I drove up to Hawi (about 45 miles north of Kona) and the turnaround for the bike segment.  Out there, it is roughly a 13 mile climb to the turn (Dan and I did 7.5mi of it).  It wasn't difficult....just grinding up a modest grade into a headwind.  As soon as we made the turn....we were FLYING down the decent.  We averaged over 28mph and we weren't even trying.  The only thing missing today were the famous trade winds that you hear about in Hawi.  Some years, Ironman competitors deal with 60mph+ wind gusts up there!  Today, is was very calm comparatively.  There was some wind, but nothing for me to really get a feel of what it "could" be like on Saturday.  I guess I'll deal with it then!

I also noticed today that my gearing is going to be just about right on the bike.  I have the right gears to stay under control up the hills (again, the Queen K is NOT FLAT!).....but I will be a little under powered on the decents.  I was running out of gears pretty quickly today.  But I thought about it...that isn't a bad thing.  I'll get a little more rest from time to time and should help me get ready for a FAST run :)

Me....and my bike before our climb to Hawi

So for the rest of the day we are going to relax!  I feel like we have been on the go since we got here!  Today is Ana's birthday...we are going to head out for a nice dinner later.  Ana has been my rock through this journey for several years.  I'm so lucky to have a spouse that supports me unconditionally in this passion.  Don't get me wrong, there are some tough moments from time to time.  But I have never felt that Ana wasn't in my corner or not supporting me 100% to do the very best that I can.  I have many examples of some people that aren't as fortunate to have that level of support and I'm truly lucky to have that.  I couldn't have gotten here without the love and support of my wife.  Thank you so much Ana....and happy 23rd birthday :)

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