Monday, October 8, 2012

Kona, Travel, and more....


Well, it is 3:37am on Monday morning Hawaii time.  I knew it was going to be tough with the time change (5hrs behind Chicago) but I didn't think I'd wake up at 3AM!  Yesterday was a long day of travel.  Close to 10 hours on the plane...but it was fine.  Drank plenty of water, watched a couple movies, and just enjoyed sitting on my butt for a while.  That usually doesn't happen very much!

My first impressions as I got off the plane were just as was hot.  And wet feeling.  Almost felt like the heat was just sticking to you.  We got our luggage without any issues and grabbed the rental car.  We ended up staying at a really nice resort about 25 miles north of town.  Ana and I watched the sunset, had a little dinner and were in bed by 7:30pm...exhausted from the days travels!

In order to get to the resort, we had to drive on the Queen K.  It was as I remembered it from a few years back (here for vacation with my sister in 2006)....looks like the face of the moon.  Rock and lava everywhere....oh, and it is NOT flat.  Didn't look like any crazy hills in the 20mi we drove on it, but it isn't flat.  Wind was blowing pretty good...but I didn't pay much attention to it because it was 5pm.  I would be running, not biking at that time. 

Overall, I feel very excited to be here!  I tried talking to a guy that was racing that sat next to me on the shuttle to get our luggage, but he wasn't interested.  He was actually an azz and I wish him all the luck in the world on Saturday :) 

So, in a few hours...we will eat breakfast...I'M STARVING right now.  It is really 8:46am to my body!  Then, Ana and I will head down to town and meet up with Dan and Carrie.  The plan is to swim in the bay for 45 minutes....then Dan and I will hit the Energy Lab for a little run in the sauna :)

Can't wait to get this started!  I'll write again at the end of the day, and have some pictures for y'all.  For now, I guess I'll watch Sportscenter and pretend to sleep.  Glad I got here early....didn't account for this massive jet lag in my plan!  Have a great day!

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